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Disclaimer: there are affiliate links in this post but as always, I’d recommend this stuff even I wasn’t an affiliate.

This post was originally written about three years ago to the day, so I’m going to revisit it and hope that you can follow along. Italicized type is part of the original post and the regular text like this are my annotations.

I’ve figured out that I need to learn code in many different ways until it absolutely sticks.

The sheer repetition of anything can be annoying, but I find that I don’t love the JavaScript lessons on Codecademy. There, I said it. *takes a deep breath

I appreciate Codecademy as one of the older free resources out there. However, it’s very buggy and I’ll leave it at that. *smiles diplomatically.

As this was written three years ago, it was accurate then. However, since then, Codecademy has improved and I might just log back into my old account, or *gasp*, sign up for a new one and see how far I can get through it.

CodeSchool is adequate, but I find that I tune out a little with their videos. I do like their design and typography course, though.

I’ve been finding that I am getting a lot out of a particular Udemy course, specifically The Web Developer Bootcamp

I like his pace and tone. It’s also very easy to pause the videos and focus on CodePen, JSFiddle, Sublime Text, or whatever text browser that you use.

The instructor’s name is Colt Steele and he currently works for Udacity. He used to work for General Assembly, which is one of the most famous coding boot camps out there.

It’s unbelievable that I only paid $10 for it during one of their sales. It’s worth the money ten times over!!

I stand by all of this and maybe I should log back into the course and see what’s changed and been updated.

Here’s a very long but worthwhile read by Paul Ford on Bloomberg: What is Code?

Isotope is an absolutely amazing find! Check it out.

On a neat aside, I’ve been communicating via email with the author of A Smarter Way to Learn Javascript. Mark is very encouraging and I can’t plug his book and website enough!

Mark is still awesome and I have a Kindle copy of his latest book, Learning Python the Easy Way and true to form, this book is also excellent.

The daily reality at my desk.  We are having a potluck for one of the staff members who’s leaving for Seattle, so I baked cheddar biscuits for the occasion.

I WISH I STILL HAD THIS COMPUTER!!!!! Shortly after I took this web development class and was later at (now defunct) Learners Guild in Oakland, it bit the big one. Such a sad day.

The calculator that I made above has much more functionality and maybe I’ll revisit that project at some point!