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This is the the clickbaity-est title that I’ve ever used for a post. A fellow student at the coding boot camp I attended flinched when I said those three words in public.

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Marketing is sleazy.

As he turned away in disgust, his reaction left me feeling universally reviled. No, you’ll never sit with us.

Fast forward to a couple of years and I’m sitting here writing this post. Do I believe the same thing now? No, I don’t. However, I’m practically jealous of the two authors of the pieces that I’m going to share in a moment. Why? They eloquently articulated points that have been bothering me as long as I can remember about marketing, especially marketing oneself.

Now onto the quote from the first piece that I’m going to share, This is Why Nobody is Reading Your Content (Hint: it has nothing to do with marketing) written by Adrian Drew for The Writing Collective on Medium.

We’re becoming far too obsessed with generating traffic than we are on actually becoming better writers. We’re drowning in a sea of mediocrity, nearly every author publishing painfully average content and tirelessly trying to promote it.

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Tirelessly promoting, painfully average. Let’s add woefully to that sentence to make it even more morbid. Woefully, tirelessly, painfully average.

I’ve read, reread and re-read Adrian’s entire post so many times now and I actually lied. Jealous, yes I’m jealous that I didn’t write it! 

My neurons are also on fire because of retroactive foolishness. You wish you could get those moments of your life back, the ones that you’ve lost consuming so much painfully average content.

Fake it ’til you make it but don’t lose your grip. 

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That quote and then I saw this on a bumper sticker that was centered on the back of an otherwise nondescript silver Prius in a parking lot somewhere.

Never forget the person you wanted to be.

What I’m struggling with lately is how to diminish my attention to anything painfully average. What if I’m painfully average? *gasps

Srivinas Rao wrote another post that resonated so much that I’m sharing it here. 

Here are two quotes from The Hidden Dangers of Confusing Attention with Accomplishment:

1. Confusing attention with accomplishment causes us to measure meaningless metrics. Likes, hearts, and comments don’t do shit for the bottom line of business. They don’t allow you to keep the lights on, put food on your table, or pay for things you need. Seven hundred dollars in your bank account is far more valuable than 700 likes on your Facebook post.

2. The internet gives every one of us a microphone. We can either waste the potential of the internet by seeking instant applause and uploading selfies, or we can do something that matters.

So this site is my latest microphone. I’m no stranger to blogging as I’ve been doing it since LiveJournal. True story, a very petty girl that was friends with my now ex-boyfriend called me the funniest yet worst thing ever: slumcunt. Now I challenge you to integrate it into your daily conversations!

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I’ve got frequent anxiety about how my previous lifetimes are going to finally mingle. Will they swipe right with each other? Rachael is my current incarnation and I also call it “hiding in plain sight.” That should also be the title of my memoir!

A very beautiful person once told me: 

Keep your chin up. Your strength is your beauty, and it amazes all who know you. You will get through this. You’ve been to hell and back (even vacationed there for a time) before, and you are stronger for it.

Maybe he’s right. So whenever I’m feeling less confident about myself and feel that no one will want to hear what I have to say, I remember that. If someone can say that about me, I can’t be half bad?

I want to be a better writer and that will only happen by writing. Not talking about writing, but doing the actual writing.

Maybe I can get better at marketing my work during that process? I don’t merely want to generate traffic for any old reason. No accidents that you can’t avoid rubbernecking from. No jams that no one likes to sit in.

Well, maybe peach jam because it’s the shit when you make it from the peaches from your backyard. Trust me.