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What do you do when you rarely delete pics off of your phone or computer? You amass a collection of over 6,000 (not joking) and then your phone, which is one of the very first iPhone 6’s, decides to be ornery.

Tonight, my hot Saturday night date was with myself as I was going through pics and deciding what to keep or ultimately toss into the virtual trash. A few tweaks and deletions should help immensely.

While doing this, I found a bunch of pics of outfits over the past couple of years and figured I’d post them here so that you can get a better idea of my style.


I’ve never really thought of myself as any particular age, honestly. After my brutal adolescent years, I did my own thing because I realized that no matter what I did, I’d still be criticized. So why not wear what I like?

Life’s too short to not wear what sparks joy, as Marie Kondo would say.

In just a few months, I’d be 45, and I attribute that to decent genes, staying out of the sun, working in medical spas (I’m familiar with needles, although I haven’t done any injectables in over a year), and doing my best not to lose or gain weight rapidly.

Speaking of that, I’ve been getting a lot more grays. In a rare sabbatical, I haven’t been bleaching the everlasting f*ck out of my hair. I usually do that at least once every 3 months to accommodate whatever shade of blue I’ve got going on.

I’ve retouched my regrowth with a hi-lift brown that’s almost a dark copper. It’ll be curious to see the color contrast once it grows out a bit more.

Super long hair or bust and I’m thrilled that I’ve finally found a stylist that gets me here in Portland. And he’s a full $25 more reasonable than what I was dealing with in Oakland.