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You’re over it. SO over it.

The random searching, clickbait lists, and links that don’t work to show you live demos of the cool screenshot of these WordPress themes that looked good a moment ago. UGH.

You’re ready for a new WordPress theme and are unsure how to proceed, but you’re also on a budget.

Perhaps you want to test out other themes without the financial commitment.

Where to start? You could Google “free WordPress themes” and hope for the best.

However, you don’t have to do that because I’ve compiled an awesome list of free WordPress themes. Many hours passed and many cups of caffeine were consumed because my requirements are stringent!

Cohesive design, adequate features, mobile responsive design, plenty of room for creativity, and don’t forget compatibility! Be sure that any theme that you download/upload is compliant with the most current version of WP, which is as of this blog post, version 4.9.7.

These are in no particular order. Many of the free themes on this list rival many premium ones on the market today and I prefer the free versions in some cases.

As of this posting, there are seven themes (hey, I’m picky!) but I’ll definitely add any other worthy free themes to the list as I discover new offerings.

True North


I’ve used this theme for a portfolio site and it looks terrific on most devices.

Check out their other free themes, as of this post they have five free themes in total. I also like Brittany Light and Olsen Light. These two themes are also offered in a PRO version.

Crimson Rose


Look no further than the Crimson Rose theme if you’re searching for a “feminine” theme.

This theme by WebPlant Media is right up there with premium theme offerings from sites like Bluchic, Restored 316 Designs, Pretty Darn Cute, Hello You Designs, and more.



Here’s a free theme from G3 Themes that I recently discovered.

This theme has a great layout with stylish typography and is definitely worth a look! A simple yet elegant design complements most content and this would be a wonderful theme for your creative portfolio.



Illdy is a theme from Beautiful Themes that has so many customizations available, it’s hard to believe that this is actually free!

That said, I think that it’s a worthwhile option but might not be the best choice for total newbies. This one took a lot more time to get to look like the demo. Be patient and great things will happen if you work with this theme.

Everly Lite


Everly Lite is a minimal theme from Premium Coding. This theme is a great choice for anyone that wants a clean, minimal, and responsive layout that’s very easy to set up.

An added bonus is that it features Karla, one of my favorite Google fonts (also free!). Check out Premium Coding’s other free themes. You’ll like at least one of them!

Monstroid 2 Lite


Here’s a great theme, Monstroid 2 Lite, that I recently discovered.

It has many bells and whistles and compares more than favorably with most premium themes on the market. In my experience, I’d say it’s about an intermediate level in terms of ease of setup, although your mileage may vary.

Jane Morris


Jane Morris is a great looking theme, from Template Monster that would be perfect for a portfolio!

It features parallax scrolling, effective and legible typography, and shows off images beautifully. Definitely worth a look if you want to show off your vibrant and unique images.

Remember that practice makes perfect with theme installations. Although it’s recommended to set up new themes on clean installations, there are ways to deal with existing content and I’ll share more details on how to do that in a future post. Don’t be afraid of customizations to get the most out of each of the themes.

In conclusion to this list of free WordPress themes, I’m available for help with any customizations! I also have a quick turnaround on affordable WordPress installations, if you need them.

Do you know of any other awesome free WordPress themes that you like that aren’t on my list? I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments!

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