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Gratitude is important because it’s helping me to banish disappointment.

I haven’t come this far to only come this far.

Here’s a quote from a book I’ve recently finished reading and I’ll let Genevieve Davis say this better than I can:

You have probably heard the virtues of positive thinking. But rather than trying to think positively, it is much easier and more effective to when starting out simply to stop thinking negatively.

So stop complaining. No exceptions. This does not mean lying down and taking whatever life throws at you like some sort of doormat.

Neither does it mean eating a cold meal in a restaurant because you feel you mustn’t complain. Complaints to a specific and relevant person in order to bring about a change of affairs are obviously permitted.

What isn’t allowed is complaining for the sake of complaining – talking in a negative way about something for fun, to gossip about someone in a derogatory way, to pass the time of day, or worse, to make you feel better, more important, or as a way of connecting with another person.

As I reread this again, I think of the past few weeks and how I’ve picked up a hater. At one of my places where I get my groove on as an independent contractor, she seems to have a particular fixation with getting in my face and being rude.

This has happened a few times now and I have some witnesses. Of course, it speaks volumes about her that she feels threatened by a woman at least a dozen years older. When will mean girls ever get it?

It’s too bad because she does seem funny and has decent taste in music. Truly I don’t have time for her or anyone else’s crap.

Although I don’t currently have a full-time job in tech, I have been contacted by several recruiters since moving back.

Ultimately the roles are too senior with the skills they are asking for. I’m grateful that I do have other abilities outside of tech so I’ve got my side gigs going on. I’ve been lucky to be able to work at a former place of employment here, and the friendly familiarity with some coworkers is nice.

I’ve also had a few interviews here and there and one of them was with a major comic book company. Their rejection was fairly swift, which I honestly appreciated because all too often you’re left dangling in the void. That’s another story though about catty women and I think they did me a favor with exhibiting some minor pettiness.

Perhaps my greatest realization as of late is that I’ve broken free from the mindset that I had while I attended that ridiculous non-coding bootcamp in Oakland.

It took a long time to admit to myself that it was a waste of time to put all my eggs in their basket as far as my skills and job prospects were concerned.

However, I adore my dear friends that I would have never made if I’d not attended. So it wasn’t a waste. It’s too bad we can’t see each other as often and I do miss them.

How’s your relationship with social media?

I did miss feeling glamorous and have been revisiting my closet lately to prune items that no longer belong in my life. People are buying them and I’m thrilled that they’re going to new homes.

I’m going through all my worldly belongings as well. Old energies are dispersed and memories are left in the past where they belong as I resell pieces that might have been of more significance a long time ago.

Back when I was young and full of naivete. Kidding, but my birthday is three months away, so it’s coming up soon.

Arbitrary age at this point but it’s disarming when people think I’m younger, especially during job interviews. Like the one for the comic book company I’d mentioned above.

There are so many variables to interviewing now but I can’t tone myself down any longer. I’m an acquired taste. If you don’t like me, acquire some taste.

I’m also grateful for the people and situations that continually challenge my boundaries. Never say no to yourself in order to say yes to anyone or anything.

To clarify: I don’t mean in that disciplined way that’s good for you and will challenge your brain’s plasticity, I mean in the ways that you might be expected to diminish yourself and your spirit to accommodate others. This is a major lesson I’m grateful for.

This is a sick weekend for me as I’m on day 3 so hopefully the worst has passed. Have an awesome daylight savings weekend!